It's just another day without you...

It's Thursday already?! How time flies.
Was chatting with my mate back home yesterday. 4 months left in this hell hole.
Hang in there, yeah! Sure I will cos I have him!
It's so depressing sometimes when he works 5 days a week just like me but my ROTA is not always the same each week. So we hardly get to spend anytime together ina single week. Merely a kiss on the cheek to whoever is getting up earlier to go to work.
Now I just want OUT. Sorry.. this feeling is just not going away.
Just another day without my dear friend, Miaojun. I missed you!! Yeah from the moment you boarded the train. I know I will see you again very soon. But sometimes it's just hard being alone at home. Waiting for time to pass...

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contradiction31 said...

waaah... i miss you too!! 4 months will pass in a flash!! wil keep reading ur posts!! the cakes look lovely! especially no. 3!!