Need Brain Food...

Damn.. really hate the cost of food in London. So stinky like the fish!
2 small pieces of salmon for 3 pounds?! You're kidding right?
Anyway, got used to some of the stuff here after 3 years.
I read it somewhere.. getting used to something doesn't mean you like it.
It's true. I still dislike so many things here.
Probably you might think it's all negative in London? Not really.
At least the strange London weather is better than the hot boring Singapore weather.
And I get to see Europe. That has always been my dream to see a different land.
Most important, I met him here. The Love of my life. Cliche but it's true!
Ran out things to say for the day. Need to cook dinner for him.
Potatoes, pork cutlet and mushroom soup. Hee...


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