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Ah.. just got back from work. What am I working as? Pastry chef of cos!
Cooking dinner of ham n tomato soup for my love.
It's getting pretty chilly over here. Wonder if anyone cares..
My head chef has asked for volunteers to be seconded to another restaurant for a couple of weeks. I volunteered. With 4 months left on my visa, I wanted to learn more and experience as much as possible in London.
Will be working split shift tomorrow.... 9am to 12am. Yeah.. chef work is tough. But I find it rewarding. That's why I quit my job in Singapore as an Executive (well enough paying job) for a whole new life in London.
3 years in London. I really don't miss much about it when time comes for me to leave. It has not left me much fond memories except the nice bosses who gave me plenty of opportunity to learn and grow. Wonder if he'll ever read it but many thanks to him Mr James Walker my former head chef, anyway.
Leave you with a piece of my memory of London.


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contradiction31 said...

i care! hey the weather looks wet and windy, what a difference from wednesday! hmmm the tomato ham soup must be tasty! of course, you always say it's made with lots of love! have fun in the secondment! muaks muaks, miss u much...