Who watches the watchmen?

Watching the news right now. Talking about Indian call centres selling the particulars of UK bank customers' details for 8 pounds per person. My god. What has the world come to?
As usual there's bound to be trouble when you start to think cheap and relocate your office operations dept to cheaper countries. Not that I have something against these countries. But one can never be too sure.
This country has serious problems about security. Streets in areas with higher crime rates are installed with security cameras. And I thought my home country was very strict about security. But this place is worse. Where is our privacy?
But come to think of it. We have given up our privacy for better life in the cities. So what is better life? Seems like we are all reduced to mere creatures with numbers at the end of the day.
Well, which brings us back to the statement I saw on a wall on a construction site in London. Who watches the watchmen?
You tell me.

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