Christmas is here!!!!

I know I know I haven't been here for sometime. Too busy working for the christmas. It's the busiest time of the year... what do you expect? We do over 370 covers for lunch and over 500 for dinner. We even did 1000 covers once for dinner. And hoorah..my restaurant made its milllion pounds this year! We got champagne or chocolates as thank you gifts. Nice x'mas eh?
Ah.. my main aim is to promote my Christmas meals!
It includes the following (spanning across 2 days):
Honey Roasted Ham (homemade)
Roasted Turkey with stuffing and vegetables on the side
Freshly baked breads
Desserts: - Chocolate Creme Brulee
- Chocolate Fondant with caramel sauce
Poisson en croute

That's almost all.

Don't salivate,

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