Have you ever wondered about the fat content of your butter? I did. And my dear President butter actually contains 82% fat! My God. But it tastes better. I've always insisted on eating only french butter. Not because I'm posh. But you'll tastes the difference. Next best substitute is Lurpak. Not bad. And so far the best butter for domestic baking. If you are the real perfectionist for baking, you can only use Lescure butter. Yes, I think it's great for everything. Be it for laminating puff pastry or glazing your fruits, it's great.
Talking about french butter..there's only 2 regions in france where the butters are AOC. Yeah..just like your wines. French butters also need to attain a certain level of quality before they are AOC. That is the regions: Charentes and Isigny.
So besides fats what else does your butter contain? Well up to almost 16% water. And salt. But it's best to get slightly salted or unsalted butter for baking. I realised that a touch of salt in cakes is great in lifting the flavour. But salted butter has too much salt and I hate it when my cakes taste salty!!!
One most important thing to note if you are a butter freak: NEVER store ur butter in freezer! Affects the quality when you defroze it.
And always wrap ur butter before u put it in the fridge. Butters are very sensitive to smells. They absorb all the nasty flavours u have in the fridge. Come to think of it, butter might be an absolute smell remover for ur fridge!

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