Stoopid stoopid! Why do all stupid things happen to me?

I bought ryanair tickets from london cos it's a cheapest air travel I could get from London to Croatia and now the air taxes increased from 1st Feb 2007!

Why why 10 pounds increase for all flights from London to EU/EEA countries?! And 40 pounds for all flights out of London to other countries!?? Why so much more???

It was my mistake not to notice the budget speech of some british minister. What has it got to do with me? Who cares? I'm just an average tourist! And guess what? That's where it hits the most!

Gosh. I'm totally mortified. I'm going to fly to Paris instead of London from now on. Good luck to all the Brits who don't earn big bucks. Good luck with ur PM-to-be. If he did this before he is PM, heaven knows what he'll do when he is one.



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