Of hops and hopping

Ah.. not food review but thought some of you out there would like to know.
Went to Rong Ji Bak Kut Teh at Mohd Sultan. Mmm... my favourite store. I will always come back to Singapore craving for the BKT from this store! Nice peppery soup. Like the way my mum does it! We were there about 9ish. Ordered a big pot.. yes.. specially request for claypot! And side dishes. All done the way I used to know it years ago!
After a sumptous meal, we decided to hop to a bar or pub for a drink. My mate recommended a bar, Bar Stop, located at Killiney Road. Tucked away in the middle of condominiums and roads that reminded me of places in Britain. According to my mate, they housed the most famous sushi bar too. Sorry I'm not a sushi person.. forgot the name of the restaurant.:P
Currently they are having a one for one on this creamy vodka from Scotland. Erm.. nothing special about it and we were expecting a bottle of it! Me trying to be cool... ordered Calvados...oops.. too strong for me.:P
We waited for another mate to join us (Hi Jennifer!) before hopping to another bar. It's sunday night. But we are not detered! After checking our street directories, (hm.. if you happen to see 4 ladies consulting two street directories in the middle of the night, it's us!) we decided to head down to Dempsey Road. All the media hype of this place, got to check it out right?
Erm.. we did see a lot of wine bars there but really not my kind of place. Sorry I'm fussy cos I was dying for a decent pint of German beer. Not aussie or danish. So... guess what we were so glad that the reliable Holland V always promised the decent pubs in Singapore. To Wala wala where I can always drown myself in Erdinger Dunkel Hefeweisen. And they even have Bellevue Kriek which my mate absolutely adores. Not bad! ;)
C'est tout!

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