Avian Flu is back in UK!

Bird Flu strikes in UK again!
Christianne Glossop, chief veterinary officer for Wales, confirmed it was H7N2, a less virulent relative of the deadly H5N1 strain.
The 30 birds on the farm in Wales where H7N2 was found were slaughtered today and the farm employees and whoever who came into close contact are undergoing testing, the Department of Environment, Planning and Countryside (EPC) said.
the H5N1 virus was discovered on a Suffolk farm, owned by Bernard Matthews, in February which led to the slaughtering of 159,000 birds.
The H7N1 is a low pathogenic strain of the bird flu virus and should not cause serious illness in humans, the EPC stated, quoting the Food Standards Agency. Animal health officers could not confirm whether the disease was caused by a migratory wild bird or by agricultural imports.Further information will be sent through the National Poultry Register, the EPC said.

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