Brewing at Brewerkz

We made it to Brewerkz finally. It is a rather large establishment. Right at Clarke Quay. As we were feeling kind of peckish we ordered some finger food. After some deliberation, we decided on calarmari rings. Small deep fried calamari rings with seasoned spicy batter served on a bed of salsa sauce. It was quite spicy. I reckon it will be better if the salsa sauce is served on the side as the calamari rings turned soggy after sometime.
Of course we must have the beer.. brewed right at this microbrewery. Mine was Moh Gwai (Devil in cantonese). A nice deep flavoured ale with alcoholic content of 7.2%. I would say it reminds me of a cross between Young's London Ale and Hoegaarden Grand Cru. Yummy! My mate tried the Fruitbrew of the day... Blueberry. After having a sip of my Moh Gwai, I couldn't taste anything in her blueberry beer! My other mates agreed that this brew is rather bland.
After our calamari rings, we ordered another dish of buffalo wings. Sorry the wings are simply too sour!! Unlike the typical buffalo wings. After all the disappointment in the pub food standard, we finally had a satisfying Oreo ice cream. Maybe we won't expecting much.
Overall, it was an all right experience. If only we could stay past 1am. :P We were asking too much. We didn't get a chance to try the mussels as well as they were sold out.
Swim to Brewerkz for the special brews!

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