Psst.. have you been there yet?

Ha.. self proclaimed food critic!
Me and a few mates went to Oosters... located at Church Street. Actually it's pretty easy to get there from Far East Square.
Guess what we had there? Belgium Beers of course. But wait a minute, they have an awesome dish too! Mussels..mmmm.... cooked in white wine. You have a choice of 500g or 1kg. Between the four of us, we ate that 1kg pot of mussels!!!! Mmm... It's a simple way of cooking mussels but it's what we chefs think is the best way.
Served in a huge black pot .. the aroma of the irresistible white wine... along with some veg for taste.. there's just one word to describe.. YUMMY!
Next we ordered some chips. According to the recommendation, this is the best side dish to go with our wonderful mussels. Erm.. nothing special. But they were nice fat and fresh chips. That I missed since I left London.
Next we had the most important thing for the night, Belgian beers! (Ta -da!)
We tried Rochefort. Mm.. full bodied. And fruity hints. My type. My mate had Westmalle.. Not bad too. Very rich flavour too. I had a second round of beer. Tried Timmerman's Peche. Nice! I'm never into fruit beer but this was a nice change! Refreshing!
That's all I have for this belgian brasserie. Overall service is not bad. And even toilet was clean! Yes.. it's important if you go to a pub for a drink!
Do remember to drop by!


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