I discovered IPOD!

Yes yes call me a bumpkin. It took me a couple of weeks after i received an Ipod nano from my best mates Louise and Miao. So sorry.. I was so glued to my creative mp3 player. The first mp3 player that I received as a gift before I left singapore in 2003. Well.. after so many years my dear creative decided to give up on me. Probably jealous of my ipod (which I didn't even unwrapped the packaging after 3 weeks sitting on the table). It died so suddenly and without any warning. Poor old creative. Now after reading the ipod manual and playing with itunes for a couple of days, I finally declare that I love the product! :P Except for the nuisance it created when I can't click the hold switch with the skin on the ipod. Brillant! I will live with this for many more years to come....


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