My Last Day

It's my last day at work tomorrow. Just feeling a little strange. It's really a pity as I found working at the doughnut shop pretty interesting. I have a trusting boss who left the introduction of new flavours entirely to me. From 9 to over 20 currently. Though you might not see all the new flavours at the shop. We have come up with the idea of rotating two flavours every week so customers will be attracted to come back to try the other flavours or even their usual favourites.
Well.. working there is not always a bed of roses. Customers is the main problem!
Here's a few complaints:
(1) Our doughnuts are sold in packs of 12 but every single day we get people asking if we sell them in lesser quantities. Even some who tried to bargain for it. Here's how a typical dialogue goes.
Customer: How much are the doughnuts?
Us: 12 pieces for $4.
Customer: Do you sell in lesser amounts? 1? 2? 3? 4? ...
(2) Our level of English is pretty appalling. Here's a list of how they ask for the price.
"How do you sell?" (I mean I'm not for sale.)
"How much you selling?" (I'm not a prostitute!)
"How do I buy them?"
(3) Irritating customers who complained about the cold pancakes and insisted that we give them a fresh pack. Oh come on... your pack is half eaten! Don't you know anything about hygiene? Besides I didn't lie to you that the pancakes are not cold. After leaving them out for 10 mins, all of them are cold. Yes, I'm unfriendly. How on earth do you expect me to behave if you are swearing at me in my face.
(4) Met my fair share of rude customers. I'm doing my best to serve you. Why do you have to make life hell for us over $4? And even scolded me Bitch?
(5) Bloody group of people asking us for directions to all places when we are so busy. For goodness sake, ask the customer service.
(6) To add on to the above complaint, I will have to categorise this group weirdos under the ATMs. Everyday we get dozens of enquiries for the location of the ATM or cash machine. Yes, the only POSB ATM is upstairs in Cheers. Stop pushing your luck by asking for the nearest UOB / OCBC ATMs!
All right all right.. I will stop here for today. Have fun! Hope biz gets better! :)

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m said...

very nice, how much? ;) MOJA LJUBAVI!!! PUSA! :O