Back in Croatia!

Hi to everyon who reads my blog. Yes. It's my 4th day in Rijeka, Croatia. Nothing much happened, just the usual long hual flight, 6 hours drive from Milan to Croatia and jetlagged. Took Qatar Airways again. This time was two horrible flights. Well.. met two different groups of screaming children! And right next to me!! 7 hours of screaming. Let's not forgetting the smell as well.. First part of the flight, Sg to Doha, a couple with 6 children. Is it coincidence or what? All of them seemed to be around the same age..hm.... They kept bugging the poor flight attendant for drinks, food and everything else throughout the entire journey. Then walking around bumping into me with their fat bottoms while I was trying to nap. Arghs!!!! Just when I thought the nightmare is over for the second part of my journey from doha to milan, one woman decided to plonk herself with her two infants right next to me. Erm... surround sound for 6 hours. Continuous screaming, throwing food everywhere as if they were toys, disobeying flight rules of fastening their seat belts while plane is taking off and landing. Well.. like I can be bothered. Landed at 605pm Milano Malpensa. Had to wait quite a while before I found my big yellow luggage bag! And of course, they will always be a bunch of fools who decide to park themselves behind me while I'm trying to maneouver the gigantic bag onto the floor. Serve them right if I crushed his toe!
Enough said, the rest of the journey from Milan to Rijeka was a lot of driving and sleeping (on my part).
Will update you on more about Croatia!


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