A Croatian wedding from my perspective

Yay!! I've survived a Croatian wedding. Erm.. it's all right. But the music can kill you!!! Our day started at 1230pm. We managed to escaped from the wedding only 1 am! I've spoken to a couple of people about the customs and traditions of a Croatian wedding. All of them told me that most of the customs are forgotten in this part (Rijeka) of the country. One would have to travel inwards somewhere after Zagreb if you wish to see a traditional Croatian wedding celebrated the way it once was!
We did not capture nice pictures due to the bad weather conditions.
The Couple at their place
First part of the wedding, our mate's place.
What I think of it: Plenty of guests, food (!!!) and drinks.
Second part of the wedding, Church.
What I think of it:Half church full of guests and the only exciting part is the exchange of wedding vows. Most of the time, zzzzzz.. (no disrespect).

Cutting the wedding cake
Third part of the wedding, Dinner at Aurora restaurant.
What I think of it: 70 guests, 1000 smokers, Food food food, Bad wines, very pissed guests, happy people dancing to Croatian music, I feel like killing the guys playing the synthesizer.

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上班驴 said...

somehow misplaced our wedding photos...will look for the CD and send you some photos of us.