Golden Quince i Moja Dunja

Closeup of dunja

I have done an article on Quince in my other blog. This is a followup.
I have included the link to some tasty quince recipes.
It did not occur to me what type of fruit it was till I ate it. (Most Quinces cannot be eaten raw.) It looked like a lovely golden pear but it tasted so acidic! Arghs. One can never forget the taste of it!
When made into quince jelly, it was paired off with the world's best ham Le Noir de Bigorre (ham from Bigorre Gascony Black Pig). I finally had a chance to look up on this exquisite ham. Lo and Behold! It is food for the Gods. Most would travel miles to get a taste of this tasty black meat. I'm sad to say that I did not actually tasted this lovely ham when I was cooking it everyday in my restaurant. How unfortunate!

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