Lokve - my dream home

There was a party in the woods yesterday with Marin's parents' friends. You thought it's going to be a boring birthday bash? Well.. you are wrong. It was my first BBQ in the woods. It was an awesome and unforgettable experience! Think organic. Meat roasting over open fire. Mushrooms freshly picked from the forest. Leaves rustling beneath our feet. What else can you wish for in life?

This is the signboard in the centre of Lokve. Lokve is part of Gorski Kotar, located at 8 km southwest of Delnice. It is situated at a diverging road from the main road Karlovac - Rijeka. Lokve is known as the frog town. Every April they have a Frog Night where they have the famous Frog jumping Festival. For me, I would rather eat the frogs!!
What are these? Look carefully.. they are freshly picked mushrooms!!1 Soon to be my meal! Yum! After the lovely meal of meat, kupus and mushrooms, we had a big pot of mushroom goulash! I didn't eat the lamb that was roasting in the shed.
Here he is .. the birthday boy (in blue)! There were lots of drinks too.
It was a shame we had to go back finally. Everyone returning to their comfortable homes in the towns or cities. The nature is so wonderful. No other way can you enjoy yourself than in the company of the trees, the grass and the whole of nature. I will return. Soon.. maybe with my pet frog.

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