Me and my Breads

Breads are always my favourite. I love baking because I LOVE breads. The smell of freshly baked breads is so comforting. A slice of warm fresh bread with butter and a cup of coffee is the perfect start to a brand new day. I bet many of you out there will agree with me. The thought of baking always get me all excited. A day before baking, I have the habit of planning the breadmaking schedule for the following day. Do I have the ingredients? What time do I start mixing the dough? When to prove them? And when to stick them in the oven for baking? Which type of breads to bake? Which one to mix first? The list goes on. It is a baker's habit I suppose. I will provide a basic bread recipe for you. Through experience, you can then adjust the recipe. I will introduce more of my homebaked recipes with you soon.
(%) Ingredients
100 Bread (T55/Strong) Flour
57 Water (21 Degrees C)
2 Fresh Yeast
2 Salt
2 Fats(Optional)
1. Crumble Yeast into water. Mix till dissolved.
2. Put Flour, Water, Salt into mixing bowl. Mix on SLOW speed on 2 mins.
3. Add in Fats. Mix on Medium speed for 6 mins.
4. Cover dough with Clingfilm or a piece of damp cloth. Prove for 45 mins.
5. Knock back or condition dough. Cover and prove for another 15 mins.
6. Shape dough and place in tin. Cover and prove till double in size.
7. Preheat oven at 250 degrees C. Lower to 225 degrees C when dough is ready for baking.
8. Bake for 30-35mins.

A baked loaf should fall out of a buttered tin or mould easily. It feels light. Golden brown in colour. Produces a hollow sound when you knock it on the back side. When eaten, it shouldn't not stick to your teeth.
I have use % in bread recipes as it is easier for you to adjust the quantities to suit your needs.
Get the flour out and turn on the oven and get baking!

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