Missing Home...

Full Singapore Breakfast
It's one of the those days when I missed Singapore terribly.
This is one of the sinful reasons ... my Singapore breakfast. Kaya Toast, Teh C and Eggs. Ah... for only SGD 2!!! Where else in the world can you get this? It's such a blessing to be a Singaporean. We eat well and all the time!

Here's a little Kaya recipe that I nicked off someone:
Coconut milk 420ml
Sugar 400g
Eggs 10

1. Beat Eggs slightly. Strain.
2. Add Sugar. Mix thoroughly.
3. Add Coconut Milk.
4. Cook over slow fire in a double boiler till mixture thickens to jam consistency.

For those who do not know what I'm talking about, here's an introduction for you.
Kaya: Coconut Egg jam (recipe above).
Kaya Toast: Toasted bread spread with Kaya and sandwiched with a piece of cold butter.
Teh C: Black Tea with evaporated milk (recipe in earlier post).
Eggs: Half cooked. When cracked, you should have 50% liquid. Add dark soya sauce and generous dashings of pepper!

Teh C Teh C... when will I see you again....

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