Buzet - City of Tartufi

Record breaking white tartufi
(Pic taken from brochure)

Finally we made a trip to Buzet for the truffles (Tartufi). What really attracted me there was the astronomical price of white truffles. We have seen black truffles very often on the telly. How they are being priced as Black Gold. However, White Truffles seem to be a rarer find than the highly priced Black Gold. And their flavour surpassed that of their black counterparts.

Buzet City
I did not have the honour of sampling the White Tartufi. Perhaps one day. I managed to capture a picture of the White Tartufi during the Tartufi festival in the town of Buzet located in Istria.
Truffles Weekend 2007
Although we did not get a chance to taste the tartufi, we had a delicious bowl of mushroom pasta for only 10 kunas (3 pounds). Fresh mushrooms were the lead roles in this simple cream pasta. Pure funghi heaven!

Inside the fair
Not to mention, there were numerous stalls that other delicacies are Olives, Olive Oil, Medenica (Honey Brandy), Wines and a little craft stall.
More expensive than gold

Take a closer look and you will see the price of these truffles. 1kg for 3,500€. No kidding!!
If you wish to visit Buzet, here's a link for you to find out more.
Heavenly Tartufi,


Tea said...

Truffles!!!!!!!!! I heart them.
But black ones are good enough for me ;)
And how come you didn't taste anything truffle related??!

SheR. said...

Too Škupo!!!!