Introduction to Flours - Part 1

A simple bag of Flour has far deeper knowledge than you can imagine. Let's take a tour into the world of wheat! What is Flour? Flour or wheat flour is the product of ground wheat.
The Wheat Berry
(Image taken from Breadscometolife.com)

Here is a brief description of the Wheat berry. It is composed of Endosperm (Starch), Germ (Proteins), and Bran (Fibre).
Most of the Flours that you get in the stores are White Flour. This only contains the Endosperm of the Wheat berry. Wholemeal Flour contains the entire Wheat berry. Germ Flour does not contain Bran. You may also find Brown Flour in UK stores where 10 to 15% of the Wheat berry is removed as Bran.
Of course after knowing what you get in your wheat flours, we will venture on to the next part where I will tell you the types of flours and theirs uses.

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