Pula - revisited

The Arena

Pula is always one of my favourite Istrian towns in Croatia. Each time I have to pester him to bring me there. It's about an hour's drive from Rijeka go through the Ucka Tunel. The other scenic route took us two hours. Little villages lined this route. Stone walls that stood the test of time. Some lay in decay while others still serve their purpose as housing. When you arrive at Pula, you will not miss the famous Arena which is the world's sixth largest Roman Amphitheatre or Colosseum. If you follow the link in this post to the Pula tourist info page, you will find out more about the colourful history of this 3000-year old town. Although it can be really touristy, the town still has its charms.
Historical remains
Take a look around, and you can find historical remains everywhere. Be a stone arch or a well-preserved Roman temple, all of them tell their stories of Pula. I was amazed to see that most of the ancient buildings are still occupied.
A walk down memory lane
This is how a typical street in Pula look like. Somehow whenever I'm here, I felt like I've been thrown back in time. I love this town. It may lack the buzz of the other towns like Rijeka and Zagreb but I'm sure I'll be back to walk its streets again and again.

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