Rovinj - Blue Pearl of Adriatic

It seemed like quite a while since we have been travelling around in our Fiat Uno. I managed to dig up some old photos of Rovinj. Went to Rovinj last year on our way back from Pula. It is a very scenic town. We managed to capture a couple of nice photographs even on a rainy day. Will go back there again when the weather gets warmer next year. In the meantime, I'll leave you with my memories of a wet Rovinj.

As you can read from the link enclosed, Rovinj is an important economic centre in Istria. Couple of our mates work there. Mainly in the tourism sector. It may appear rather small for touring. However, it offers a decent break on an Istrian road trip. Discover Rovinj and see why Jules Verne chose this town for his book Mathias Sandorf.

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