London is where my dream began

Nothing much. Just wanted to blog a little but not talk about food. It's been almost 3 months since I'm here in a brand new country. Just thinking it's great to be somewhere new. And yet, it's horrible when I missed home.
Past four years I've been flying around and working really hard. I had the best time of my life. Love the energy in me! Feeling so happy to go to work or off to school each day. Of course there were days when I felt like I needed a long rest.
I never had a lot to spend in London. Every pence must be saved for food and transport. Sometimes I envied those who are went overseas to study and not have to worry about money. Most of them attend some well-known institutions and party all the way. As for me, 7 days a week working and schooling. Non stop.
When I got the job in my restaurant, that was the greatest blessing. Not only do I earn more. I have so much chance to learn. My chef gave me opportunities to try various sections. Except for sauce section, I had experience working in every single area in the restaurant! Though I was hopeless as a normal chef (too slow), I found my vocation. I love to make pastries and breads and I'm good at it! I'm off work for a year now (I was injured at work) and I really missed it! Now I just hope I get my work permit sooner and get back to work!
Time to buck up and pursue this dream of mine!


eTomyam said...

interesting, my comment is : A future chef in the making...wish all the best

Mommy2Lots said...

What a great experience!

I wish you all the best. You sound like a true chef. :-)

Theresa H. Hall said...

I love London!

SheR. said...

Thank you everyone for the encouragement!