Please pardon my duplicate post.

Sorry due to my itchy fingers, I had successfully added the irritating Digg icons to all my posts and now I'm stuck. Can't remove that part of the programme that contains the code. Hope if someone's out there ... please help!!!
Here's a picture of our Mici harassing everyone over the Fish that we are having for lunch today. Have a great day!


Tea said...

Oh Sher, I don't know how to help you with those silly codes! :(
But, I had bakalar today as well, mmmmand fritule! Did you have fritule??

SheR. said...

Ah... I tried bakalar... but still can't eat it plain with toast. Perhaps as a meal. Reminded me of the smoked haddock we had to serve in restaurant. :P Fritule! My Marin enlightened me that it is doughnut!!1 mmm.. I love HR Krafna and Kifla and Butla.:)
Sretan Božić!!

KM said...

Mici is so cute, so furry and white! i once had a cat like that too, she was white with some greyish strips of fur all over her....

sadly, she ran away one day and NEVER came back, left her two kittens behind! and her two kittens, ran away too!

and NO, i am NOT an animal abuser, i treated them WELL!

SheR. said...

Oh our mici stays in the flat most of the time. He's so cute. Pure white russian. Anyone will kidnap him if he gets out. He hates to leave the house anyway. He's our love.. :)
Hope you'll get new cats. meow!