Say cheezzzz!

Here is the cheesecake recipe that I promised to share. Sorry I've been really busy. And I do not have internet access like before. So I post shorter articles. My apologies. A little about the cheesecake. I bet most of you have tried cheesecake sometime in your life unless you really hate cheese or cakes. I love to make cheesecakes as they are relatively easy to mix (As you do not want to overmix it). And you do not have to worry about the temperature of all the ingredients like in other cakes. Only minus point about baking a cheesecake is you have to wait a long time for the it to bake. Without further ado, here's the cake.

Mixed Berries & Crumble Cheesecake
(No preference for type and size of mould)
180g Sour Cream
200g Cream Cheese
1 cup Sugar
3 Eggs
2 tbsp Flour
2 tbsp Butter
1 cup Mixed Berries
3-4 tbsp Jam

2 cups Flour
1 cup Granulated Sugar (for added crunch)
1 cup Butter

1, Mix Flour, Granulated Sugar and Butter to form a crumble. (Mix on machine at SLOW speed).
2, Spread a layer of Crumble at the base of the mould. Pack it firmly on the base.
3, Spread a thin layer of Jam on top of Crumble base.
4, Place Cream Cheese in a mixing bowl and mix till soften.
5, Pour in all the ingredients except Mixed Berries and mix well. (If you are using a mixer, set it on SLOW speed as you do not want to introduce too much air into the mixture.)
6, Fold in Mixed Berries.
7, Pour Cream Cheese mixture onto the Crumble Base.
8, Sprinkle generous amount of Crumble on top.
9, Bake at 160 Degrees C until cake is set. (If you like a more flavourful Crumble, increase temperature to 190 Degrees C to brown the top of the Crumble for a few minutes.)

You can eat the cake hot or cold. Serve it with berry sauce, whipped cream or just plain. Berry nice!


Tea ( http://teacia.blog.hr/ ) said...

Cheeeeesecake!! Yaaaay! :))
I have to be honest, but I tried the NY cheesecake and I'm not a big fan of it, it was tot heavy for me...This one looks very interesting, a bit different, the streusel on top is a great idea! Thank you for sharing the recipe Sher!!!

SheR. said...

You should try it if you love the zing in the berries! I have recipe for Jap cheesecake which is an extremely light cheesecake. Maybe you will like it. Drop me a note to ask for recipe! I love Crumble!! The English love putting it in their desserts! It's great for added texture!