Getting Wet on Island Krk

It was raining again when we visited Island Krk yesterday. We missed it the other time due to heavy downpour. We were a little luckier yesterday as the rains began to clear up by the time we got out of the car.
We had been to Island Krk several times but not to the centre of the town (as Krk is composed of several little towns). Krk is not a small island as its entire area is 409.9 sq km. That is more than half the size of Singapore (my home country) island. Over 16,402 people live on the island. Island Krk is located in the Kvarner bay. We had to drive across the 1,309m long bridge connecting the mainland to the island. The total distance from Rijeka to Krk is 30km. To find out more about this most talked about island in the Kvarner Bay, visit this link.

We spent about an hour wondering around the town centre which will usually be populated with tourists once the tourist season begins. Krk is a quiet little laidback town this time of the year. You will find pieces of Krk's story scattered around the town. A roman ruin, a bench to remember a famous person and even a piece to commemorate 110 years (1866 to 1976) of Krk's tourism history.

It was damp but it sure didn't dampen my spirit any bit. It was really relaxing to sit in the little caffe bar or take a stroll along its cobbled coast to watch the fishermen at work. Krk has indeed captured my heart.


lotusflower said...

Hi Sher,

The beauty of life; taking a stroll on a cold windy day with your loved one and enjoying a hot cup of coffee to complete the experience.


SheR. said...

Yeah Lotus Flower.
I enjoy the coffee part. Hah:P