A part of Island Krk - Malinska

Situated at the Northwestern bay of Island Krk, this little town - Malinska charms its occasional tourists with a beautiful coastline.

It was one of the rainy days when we decided to drop by this town. I was surprised how spectacular the seaview is. Though it does not have as many tourist outlets as Krk town centre. It holds sufficient caffee-bars and restaurants that will be bustling with activity once the season starts. As it was only January, we were lucky to be able to find one little caffee-bar opened which is situated on the second level of a building facing the sea. A humble bakery can also be found right across the street.
It was a perfect rest stop on the Island. We sat down and stretched our legs before we continued our journey across the bridge back to our town Rijeka...


footiam said...

Nice life there!

SheR. said...

Well yes.. if one is contented with simple life. :)