All right .. I've been tagged the second time. I can't escape this time.
Originator : Lara's Place
Here are 5 links:
(1) Uniquely Singapore : A website for visitors to take a peek at my beautiful country.
(2) Space Art : A wonderful collection of paintings from Space Artists.
(3) Amoreta's Cakes : A mate's photos of her lovely creations.
(4) Quaglino's Restaurant : My former employee.
(5) Maison Blanc : Almost got a job there. Delicious and heavenly desserts.

Tagging 5 Blogs, that's easy:
(1) Jelly's Blog: She tagged me. A yummy mummy blog about her life.
(2) Ezhuthukari's blog : She tagged me first. She likes to blog. She like her movies too. Read it!
(3) Robin's Karma : Buddhism couldn't be more easily understood than through this blog.
(4) Xinyun's blog : A girl's blog about her daily rants. Interesting read!
(5) Natural Healing : A blog about your health and you.

That's it for the day.


FANCY said...

Hello Cher...

Thanks for your comment in both of my post...(wiev over Stockholm) and my New Years post.
Yes, I live in a beautiful country. But you know behind all that like it is everywhere we can find ugly things. What is the point on my post is that we say that we live in a country who is boast with a welfare who not belong to everyone. I think that this kind of powerty not belong or should exist in our country Sweden. That is a shame,

Thanks for your visit and hope to see you soon.

Please don't tagg me...*LOL*

SheR. said...

Hi thanks for dropping by. I understand what you mean. In Singapore, it's not a welfare country but foreigners are always so impressed by how rich my country appear to be. However, I chose to escape from this country with a "perfect" image. It's too hard.
Ok I won't tag you. And yes, I will pop by soon!

Novice Writer said...

Hi thanks for the comment!:-) Glad that u liked it:-)And thanks for tagging me too:-)I have added u to my blogroll..Happy blogging!

SheR. said...

Thank you my dear. :) My honour to be included.

sarah said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed

reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



SheR. said...

Hi Sarah!!
Wow.. you dug up a really old posts of mine! I had a hard time looking for it¨!
Thanks for the compliments:)