Zadar - Here we come!

Finally we made it to Zadar. My Fiance has been going on about bringing me to Zadar for the longest time. We missed it in Sept 2006 on the way to Plitvice National Park as we were so tired from the trip. So I waited for a chance to bug him again to bring me there before the summer. (Months away!)

St Donatus' (pre-Romanesque) Church , 9th century.

You can read about Zadar's history through this link.

Zadar is a long 3-hour drive from Rijeka. We took the longer toll-free route instead of the Rijeka-Split expressway. And I'm glad we did. I really hate to sit in the car for hours just looking at straight roads with nothing else on the sides. The long winding coastal road that took us from Kostrena to Senj to Paklenica before we reach the Zadar county. Wish I took some of the beautiful coastal towns to show you but I was too busy enjoying the scenary. My apologies.
Here are the pictures of Zadar that I captured before it got dark. Enjoy!
Streets of Zadar.

The tiny alleys are filled with small shops that sell products ranging from shoes to jewellery. They reminded me of shops in Italian town. Here's the wiki link for more about Zadar.

My fiance had written a post on his experience of Zadar as he was in the army camp near to the town.

Want to experience Zadar? Check out the Zadar website.

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