After the sneak preview..

I didn't expect such a good response for my lemon tart. What more, the tart was gone in two days. You really need a stomach for sour things to eat more than a slice. Now I understand why lemon tarts always have meringue on top! You can serve this lemon tart with dusted icing sugar on top or a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Here's the recipe served with Chocolate Mousse:

Simple Lemon Tart
Makes one 11" tart
Sweet Pastry case:
225 g Plain Flour
85 g Sugar
1 Egg
125 g Butter, softened
25 g Ground Almonds (optional)
Pinch of Salt

150 g Lemon Juice (about 6 Lemons)
150 g Sugar
225 g Egg Yolks
375 g Cream (any fat content)
Zest of 3 Lemons (optional)

Pastry Case:
(1) Mix ALL ingredients except Egg to a crumble.
(2) Add Egg. Mix till you get a smooth dough.
(3) Bake blind. Follow instructions on my post.

(1) Mix Sugar and Egg Yolks.
(2) Add Lemon Juice and mix throughly.
(3) Add Lemon Zests.
(4) Stir in Cream.
(5) Pour onto Pastry Case. Bake at 100 degrees C till the tart is set.
(6) Serve chilled so that you don't get a wet centre which can be difficult to cut.

Enjoy the sweet and sour of life!


SoupNumber5 said...

That looks really good. May have to try.

SheR. said...

Thank you Mr soup. Please do try out the recipes:) It'll be my honour if you do!