Avec beaucoup d'amour..

To all my readers with lots of love (the sweetest possible!),
Thanks for frequenting my site. Even if it's the first time you're here. Your impact is felt on my counter.
I send you lots of love on this post as this is dedicated to you, my reader.


curiousfoodie said...

Those flowers are gorgeous, doesn't look any anything you can get in Singapore. Sigh, ain't Croatia the best?

Do you ever miss hot and sticky Singapore? Well maybe when it gets too cold...that's for me at least while I was in NYC.

SheR. said...

Oh I miss Singapore all the time! :)
The food and my precious family & friends! But not missing everything else too much :P
Croatia is not the best. No where is. I just know I can't live in London! Haha.. after 3 years there.
Cold.. I hate it but winter is really nice. Love the trees and the landscape!

piebuko said...

Happy valentines Sher! Well, at least belated happy valentines. How did it go? I hope you had a good day with your sweetie. :)

SheR. said...

Thanks Piebuko! :) I think you had a great time with your loved ones too!
For me and fiance, everyday feels like Valentine's (so cliche!) cos we went through so much to get together. We cherish all our time!