Baking Blind : weights in pastry case

As promised, here's how you should place the weights in your pastry case. Mine came out nice and no more dripping pastry pieces all over.
A few short notes:
(1) Always fill the case all the way up the sides else the sides of your pastry case will shrink.
(2) Use beans or lentils. I have 1kg of lentils to fill up my 13" pastry case. If you are using rice, cover them, so they don't burn!
(3) Be careful when putting the case into the oven (or removing from the over) once filled as it is pretty heavy!
(4) Bake for 30 mins or more (at 180 degrees C). Till you are satisfied with the hardness of your casing. As long as it doesn't burn!
(5) Remove the beans (Warning! Hot Beans!!) and foil. Bake for another few mins till you are satisfied with the colour of your pastry.
(6) And yes, keep the beans and recycle them for the next tart baking session!

That's it and you are all set for the most important part of tart making!! :)


curiousfoodie said...

Coolness, thanks for the great tips!

SheR. said...

You're welcomed.
I insist on making my own tart case instead of getting it off the shelves! :)