Baking My Tart

Arghs... don't you just hate it when you know it's not one of those days when your pastry will turn out perfect? Stupid me thought I could get away without putting baking weights in my pastry case (Bake Blind). I will show a proper picture once I get my hands on a bag of beans. Baking Blind is not rocket science to perfect but it can be pretty messy. Like what I just did!
Here are something I learnt today:
(1) Fill your pastry case with weights (no rice, I heard it burns and you can't reuse them!).
(2) Before you put your beans into the pastry case, line the case with aluminium foil. Do not use cling film unless you are sure it's oven safe. It produces nasty plastic smell and melts if it's not!
(3) Don't put your baking tin on a wire rack in the oven. Bits of pastry will melt and drop onto the base of your oven and burns itself to oblivion unless you remove them before they decide to stick to your oven FOREVER! Always put your tin on a baking tray before you put into the oven.

That's all! Hope you don't make the same mistake as me!!!


SJ said...

that tart looks yummy.

curiousfoodie said...

Hey your pie doesn't look that bad, but thank you for sharing those tips. :)

SheR. said...

Thanks. It's a Pear Tart that I made in school years ago.

SheR. said...

Oh Amelia. I didn't bake this Pear Tart yesterday! Mine's in the oven right now!

curiousfoodie said...

Wow in baking school aye? I really want to pick up baking lessons. Know of any baking 'school' that is good and reasonably priced in Singapore?

Gosh, I just love getting better and better at baking, know what I mean?

SheR. said...

BITC is my first school. You know.. it's located at Prima Tower. I think it's pretty good. Reasonable priced and you'll see good equipment too. They have diploma in Patisserie now which is certified by City & Guilds in London.
I did my diploma in London.
The only way to hone your skills is to be a baker or pastry chef. :)
Hope the above information helps!