Budapest Day Two

Pardon me I don't know the name of this castle...

Second day, we got up for our breakfast at the hotel. We didn't sleep well as the hotel was located on a main street and the morning traffic (which started really early) blasted our ears like a heavy metal rock band in our room. Anyway, I couldn't complain too much about this hotel as the location is too bad and price is still far cheaper than a hotel in Paris.
After a breakfast of breads and salami, we set off to our destination which took us all the way uphill. Budapest seems to me like a valley. After we left the Consulate's house, we had to walk a good 15 minutes to the centre of this little town (or village). As we decided not to catch a cab, we had to figure out how to catch the local bus to the city centre. Bus fares are not expensive (only 270 Forints which is slightly over 2 Euros).

I got the bus tickets!!!

If you were there to watch us, you would be rolling on the floor with laughter. We were walking around this little town looking for the machine to get our tickets. Then into the local supermarket to buy some stuff so we could get some change (yeah the machine does not accept change). And we figured we still do not have enough for two tickets. We pestered the lady selling roast chicken at the street stall for some coins but she directed us to the post office. When we entered, there was a long queue of elderly Hungarians waiting for their turn to harass the man at the counter. We gave up after 5 minutes and ventured back to the supermarket to buy more stuff so we could get more change. We got our tickets after running around this little town for an hour! Our advice when travelling in Budapest: always equip yourselves with lots of change for your bus tickets!!

On the bus, we were trying to stick our tickets into the orange box which is supposed to validate our tickets. No luck! So we decided to act stupid if any bus conductor got on the bus. Well.. we did not get a chance to meet one. We found our way to Moskva Ter. It reminded us of Zagreb with lots of people walking around commuting from one transport to the other. Trams, buses and underground trains. We were a little confused but we managed to find the entrance to the underground (Hooray!). Then Marin realised our tickets could be used for the underground trains too. Since our tickets weren't validated on the bus.... we reused them :P Got free ride! Ha!

Moskva Ter

Afterthoughts: Bus service is pretty efficient with a frequency of 10 minutes between buses. Underground couldn't be easier (Paris Metro is more challenging!). Clean stations that smell like hot pastries. Mmm...

Okay guess I needed another part for the end of the journey! Be back for more!


Syari said...

What you think? many old people around in Budapest yeah?

SheR. said...

Heehee... same as in Croatia.