Budapest - Le Fin


All right.. here's the rest of it.

It wasn't much diffculty to get from Moskva Ter to Keleti station using the Metro. Just a mere 6 stops. And it took less than 10 mins! Really fast!

Moskva Ter

When we got out, we realised that the whole area around the train station is undergoing mjoy renovations. Will be really nice to see it completed as the Keleti train station is beautiful to begin with. It is huge, pretty much the same size as King's Cross in London? And judging from the number of people in the station, it is really busy. You have trains running from Budapest to other parts of Hungary and all the way to Venice, Italy.

We were really hungry after venturing around the area. So we settled for the restaurant inside of the station. Yes, we tried the world famous GOULASH. That's how great it was! So delicious I nearly fell off my seat. Mm... And it came with a generous helping of freshly baked bread. I was happily gobbling down the loaf while he was busy with his half litre of beer! :)

We recalled seeing a huge shopping centre somewhere near the station. So I pestered him to check it out (yo!). Arena Plaza is the name. It's quite a distance from the station about 15 minutes' walk. It's humongous and houses the famous UK supermarket Tesco's. Surprise surprise?! Apparently the city is overrun by Tescos'! We saw plenty from our train the previous night. Whoa! I enjoyed popping in and out of the shops as the prices are so much lower than those in Croatia! I was a satisfied shopper though by this time of the day I was busy nursing a running nose and felt feverish.

Windy and sunny.

That's pretty much all of our two-day journey to Budapest. The rest of it was about travelling from the train station frantically looking for the train that was going to Zagreb as it was not listed anywhere in the station. And no one at the train station speaks English!! We were dashing from platform to platform searching and asking everyone for Zagreb train! Arghs!

To sign off this trip and more afterthoughts.. Very huge city. Could be better if someone spoke English at the train stations. Food is cheap and delicious. Yummy pastries! Most hungarians are pretty nice people. Would love to go back there sometime soon! :)


Amelia said...

Hey Sher, get well soon. :) Thanks for all the gorgeous photos for me to enjoy!

SheR. said...

Oh. After one week, I'm fine. Thanks for the concern.
Oh I wish to take more photos when the weather is nicer!

Maria Theresa said...

For a minute there, I envy you for the Goulash. :)
I wonder if I can find the recipe in the Internet so I can ask my hubby to cook it. I'm a horrible cook.
At least I get to taste it myself here. :)

Peace said...

Thanks for dropping by... nice to meet you.

Kate / Kajal said...

yum even i would like to try some goulash ! And would love to visit Budapest too !

scifidrive said...

Love goulash!
your trip sounds great!

The local gov't should set up a tourist info booth at those stations if they want to draw more tourism into the area.

SheR. said...

Oh! Yes everyoe should have at least one portion of Goulash when he goes to Hungary.
I do agree every country should have english speaking personnel working at places where tourists frequent.