Go Bananas!

Yes yes.. one can go bananas over a banana cake. Everyone knows how to bake a banana cake. But how do you obtain that melt-in-your-mouth texture? I have discovered the secret after several attempts to achieve it. It's all in the final stage of mixing.. my secret ingredients... Egg whites!
Here's the recipe which is the same as a pound cake (I love pound cake recipe as it is easy to mix and remember and produces really rich cake!) but with adjustments to the ingredients.

240g Butter, melted or Vegetable Oil (Not Olive Oil!)
240g Sugar (use Brown Sugar for extra flavour)
240g Eggs, separated
10g Baking Powder
230g Flour (reduce to get an even lighter cake)
1 Banana, mashed

(1) Beat Sugar and Egg Yolks till mixture thickens and leaves a "ribbon" trail. (Mixture appears pale yellow in colour.)
(2) Add Butter or Oil and Banana to above and whisk thoroughly.
(3) Whisk Egg whites till soft peaks.
(4) Combine Baking Powder and Flour.
(5) Fold in Egg Whites and Flour mixture alternately. (It's easier to fold in Flour last.)
(6) Bake at 180 degree C for 30 minutes or till baked.

You will require a mould twice that of a loaf tin to bake this cake.
You may add cocoa powder to Flour mixture (remove equal quantities of Flour). Don't worry that the cocoa powder drying up your cake as the banana compensates for the moisture in your cake.
You may add banana extract but I always find it too overpowering for the cake. Choose a ripe banana instead.
Serve this cake warm or cold. Simply yummy!


Peace said...

I love banana cake. I m going to try yr recipe someday.

SheR. said...

No probs. Have fun baking! :)

Amelia said...

This sounds FAB! But gosh I always use CUPS instead of GRAMS for measuring my ingredients. Nvm I'll find a conversion online.

It's weird, I never seem to have any luck with baking bananas, but i'll give it another shot! Argh wish I had more time to bake, am so busy with school. :(

SheR. said...

See under my blog archives: Metric Conversions from cups to grammes.
Don't worry too much. Baking should be a very relaxing hobby.

curiousfoodie said...

Thanks dear. :D Yup it ought to be relaxing.

SheR. said...

Happy baking!