Rush Rush Buda-Pest!

Budapest Keleti Train Station.

This post is really late. Well.. I was really feeling under the weather especially in this weather. This was our trip to Budapest on 27th January. Main purpose was to travel to Singapore Consulate. So we didn't really have too much time to tour this beautiful city.
We travelled at midday from Rijeka to Zagreb by car in 1 1/2 hours. Then we took a train from Zagreb to Budapest Keleti train station. The whole train journey took us 7 hours as we were delayed along the way due to bad weather conditions. By the time we got out of the train, it was midnight. Feeling exhausted from the entire trip, we found the first cab parked right outside of the station and got in.
We have picked up some tips about getting a cab in Budapest online. First, we must look for licensed cabs (those with yellow license plates). Second, we had to ask how much the cab driver will be charging us for the trip. Prices are quoted in Euros but cab drivers will only accept Forints unless they meet customers like us with no Forints!
We got to our Hotel which is located in the City Center. Online a double room was quoted as 35 euros a night but when we paid the next day it was 43 euros?! (We didn't bother to argue with the receptionist as we needed to rush off.) So be careful and check your prices.
I shall end the first part of our Budapest journey here. Please come back for the second part! :)

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