Acrylamide? What is it?

Came across this chemical called Acrylamide. Citing from Wikipedia, Acrylamide is a cancer causing agent and it occurs in the chemical process of cooking, baking or grilling foods above 120 degrees C.
However, research is now underway to find ways to lower the level of Acrylamide in our foods such as breads, chips and cookies. Antioxidants might just be the key. This article has more information about this chemical.


Lime & Tequila said...

If this comes from burned food, I think I like that chemical. And I know my family does, my daughter likes her pizza black on top.


SheR. said...

Oh. it's the same for me. I love breads. Apparently research shows that rosemary can lower the level of Acrylamide. So does certain ways of storing the foods before we cook them.