Are you a Foodie or Gourmet?

According to Wikipedia's definition, a foodie and a gourmet are both lovers of food. How the two groups of people differ is the degree to which they love and indulge in the world of food. The Gourmet tends to be one with a refined taste for only GOOD food whereas the Foodie simple loves ALL food.

I wonder which class I actually fall into. I reckon I'm more of a Gourmet. Most of my mates say I'm very POSH with food. Only the best food and no compromise. You will never catch me eating butter of poor quality just to save on the extra dollar. Probably when I first acquainted myself with the culinary world, I was exposed to the most expensive and finest ingredients in the restaurant. As my chef said,
Only the BEST ingredients produce the BEST food.
After a few years of bumping around 3 restaurants and a bakery, I realise that the Freshest ingredients are usually the Best.

However, I love food and everything associated with it. Now I'm all for natural foods. And my interest in bringing every bit of Food or Health-related news to this blog for my readers.

Foodie or Gourmet? I'm not too Posh about the difference anymore.


curiousfoodie said...

Hmmmm I still consider myself a foodie, but it is true especially in baking with chocolate...the best cake comes from the best type of chocolate! YUM.


SheR. said...

I guess we are all gourmets at heart. We do not want sub quality ingredients to affect the final product. And that's how much we love food!

tipidmeals said...

i'd like to think i'm both. gourmet because i don't compromise the quality of the food just to save a buck (this is when i cook and create dishes). foodie because i love food in general and i'm willing to explore the corners of the globe to find great food (every which way or form). :-)

SheR. said...

Hiya tipidmeals!
We love food!!! Cheers to FOOD!

piebuko said...

Foodie! I'm a foodie!

SheR. said...

:) Another foodie on the list!

Pinay Jade said...

Hi I am a foodie and coming to Singapore is the best place to be one:)

SheR. said...

Haha! Yes we are well known for being a Food Paradise!