Blood disease or genetic evolution?

I have just read an article on Science Daily that sounds like the weirdest good news I've ever heard. Apparently people born with Alpha Thalaessemia are protected against Malaria. Those carrying Alpha Thalaessemia adapt to the loss of red blood cells in Malaria Anemia by producing more red blood cells with less haemoglobin! I'm one of those carrying this genetic disorder. I always felt inferior or even not want to have children as I would pass this blood disease to them. Now this seems to me that I am actually part of natural selection to carry this disease that can fight off malaria. I couldn't help but wonder if this is all part of the grand design? Read more about this research!


Beanieville said...

Love the age old question!

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SheR. said...

Hm.. It is, isn't it? Thanks for popping by Beanieville! :)