Chemical Diacetyl - harmful artificial butter flavouring

Many of us love the taste of butter (me too!) but we do not wish to sacrifice our waistline for this wonderful taste associated with these solid fats. Therefore, the market has seen the boom of artificial butter flavouring to satisfy our craving without putting on those inches. That's how the butter-flavoured popcorn emerged. However workers of popcorn factories are at increased risk of lymphocytic bronchiolitis. It is a rare lung disease that has no cure except transplant. Scientists have found that these workers were exposed to Diacetyl (see this Wiki link) vapours that caused this disease. According to wikipedia, Diacetyl is a natural by-product of fermentation but it is the butter flavouring in our butter flavoured popcorn.
Further research are needed to study at what levels Diacetyl is safe for consumers. For now, read this link on the research on mice that shows the link between exposure to Diacetyl and the lung disease.


Amy Clarke said...

I had no idea about this! And I love butter flavoured popcorn!

You have a great site here, I'll be popping back!

SJ said...

kinda makes you want to think twice when going to the movies

SheR. said...

>> Thanks Amy. Yes I wouldn't know that about the artificial butter flavouring too if I did not read about on the online magazine. But I always suspect artificial flavourings are harmful in one way or another.

>>Sj, well.. you can sacrifice the popcorn. Or rather order one without butter on it?