Couldn't be simpler than this!

This is a sure winner with many of you without an oven and still love to make something sweet for yourself. Nice cheesecake that doesn't need anything more than a fridge to chill and set it. If you want if to taste like ice cream you can freeze it too. It's yummy!

Makes one loaf tin

For Cream Cheese portion:
200 g Cream Cheese, softened
250 ml Whipping Cream (or Cream of any fat content)
2 tbsp Sugar

For Chocolate portion: (Optional!)
50g Chocolate, chopped finely
45g Butter
1 1/2 tbsp Sugar
1 Egg White

Cream Cheese portion
  1. Prepare one loaf tin: Line interior of tin with 2 layers of clingfilm (Easier to take your cake out of tin for cutting).
  2. Mix ALL ingredients in a bowl till well incorporated.
  3. Pour Cream Cheese mixture into lined tin.

Chocolate portion
  1. Melt Chocolate and Butter over Bain-Marie. Remove from heat to cool.
  2. Whisk Egg White will stiff peaks.
  3. Add Sugar into Chocolate mixture.
  4. Fold in Egg White (make sure Chocolate is not too hot) till thoroughly mixed.
  5. Pour Chocolate layer on top of the Cream Cheese layer.
Place tin in fridge to chill till set.

Enjoy this simple and melt in your mouth dessert!


Margaret said...

WOW! Does this ever sound delicious! When I get back home, I'll have to give it a try.


SheR. said...

Enjoy your dessert!

piebuko said...


I love u! I love u!
Oh my God! I could have died and gone to heaven when I saw the picture and these three words, "Without an Oven". I was grinning from ear to ear. :)
Now, I just have to find your ingredients.

SheR. said...

All right all right! Thanks for all the love! ;)
I'm getting my hands on more recipes without ovens I promise :)

The_Sphinx's World said...

love it!! I will definitely try this she. You know, summer is coming and the kids are home. I'm sure they'll simply love this. thanks for the "no oven recipe", I still haven't located the service center of our gas range and I still can't use it. so thanks!

SheR. said...

:) Created this specially for all of you!!! Thanks for the support.

BK said...

Thanks for the 'online support' tips for this amatuer 'baker' : )

SheR. said...

No probs mate!