Do you think skipping Breakfast can help you lose weight?

Research has shown that breakfast skippers have higher chance of being obese. One of the proposed theory suggests that people who ate breakfasts make better food choices as they feel less hungry and thus eat less throughout the day. Another article suggests skipping breakfast actually lowers one's metabolic rate thus reducing the body's ability to burn calories.

The ideal breakfast has to comprise:
  • Lean (low fat) Protein
  • Fibre
  • Vitamins
  • Calcium

If you do not have time for breakfast, you can split your breakfast into two. Consume a bowl of cereal and grab an apple for a light breakfast later on.

I have searched the web and came up with a delicious (and nutritious) list of foods for a healthy breakfast:
  • Hard-boiled Eggs (x2) served with toasted Wholemeal bread
  • A bowl of Cereal with added fruits and nuts
  • A cup of Yoghurt
  • Mushroom/Herbs/Ham&Cheese Omelette
  • A cup of Soy milk
  • Banana or handful of good ol' Berries
  • The handy Cereal Bar

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Have fun trying out the different options of a nutritious Breakfast. Stop that little noise in your tummy from distracting you at work or school!


piebuko said...

You were talking of a good breakfast. You were saying that eating breakfast will help you lose weight more than skipping breakfast.
Reading your list, I was thinking, "Yum...yum...yum... I have to eat all of this for breakfast!"
Talk about losing weight!

curiousfoodie said...

Hey dear, my friend just posted an entry on this. :D



SheR. said...

>>Well Piebuko. I'm just trying to say skipping breakfasts will nto help you lose weight. Choice is in a balanced diet. Not skipping it! :P

>>Cheers Amelia, I'll pop over later.

ChampDog said...

Used to skip lunch nowadays but not breakfast. I have that is still considered healthy. :D

SheR. said...

I can't skip breakfast at all. Maybe it's a habit. But if I do (once or twice), I will faint. Collapsed during school assembly once. :P

Joy said...

I only have breakfast on the weekends. I snack a lot during the day, just little amounts. That's how I moderate my eating.

SheR. said...

Joy. Do remember to eat healthy snacks then. Take good care of your body!