Easter Chocolates wrecking your diet plan?

It's Easter again! Not that it holds any significance to a non Christian like me. I only know that Easter is near when we have to make tons of Hot Cross Buns weeks before the actual event. Or chocolates for my school's restaurant. Well.. besides that it's also a time when we get weeks off school. Hooray! And I was usually stuck in boring London with nothing to do besides watching everyone gorging themselves silly with Cadbury's Creme Eggs (which is a must for ever Brit I know) and Hot Cross Buns.

So after Easter with usually 3 successive days of break. You will start grumbling about why you have decided to eat those delicious chocolates given by your mates. MSN site might have the answer for you. Follow these instructions on this article. And good luck with dieting!!

Sorry for the really blur picture of my hot cross buns. Yes I do have recipes to plain, wholemeal and chocolate Hot Cross Buns. Just drop me a message or comment to ask for it! :) Happy Easter!!!

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