An Ethical Chef - a rare breed?

And you think everything you see on your plate is created with love? Think again. Money comes first for a chef more than the concern of going the extra mile to create a perfect dish. Chefs are always too busy. Or simply too lazy.

That's why only those with lots of dedication and passion can rise up the ranks and be a true chef. It's not really that hard to be noticed. Frankly, most of us will grow tired from the job after a while. But the love for the job is what keeps the good chefs going and be noticed.

Let's talk about bad stuff that you might never know about the person cooking your food:
  • Washing hands after visiting the toilet?? That's a big question. How do you know if they do or not? Oops.
  • Most chefs smoke. I'm the exception. It's too stressful. Sneaking out for a 5 minute fag break is what most of them do. And well, let's hope they clean their hands too.
  • More about washing... not many chefs are bothered to clean the vegetables that they are cooking. 15kgs of potatoes to wash? Who's bothered? It's another 10 minutes to do it.
  • Peeling carrots. Most carrots in your carrot soup are not peeled. They get pureed anyway. But if you have an acute sense of taste like me, you will notice the yucky taste.
  • Ohh.. and more crunchy mushrooms? This is easier to notice. If they are not washed, there's too much sand in there and customers might complain. Or maybe not?
  • Drunk chefs? Well.. we have lots of liquour stored. And I'm sure there are plenty of alcoholics among us.
Next time you go to a restaurant, think twice. Do not be afraid to question the food source.


The_Sphinx's World said...

Eoww!! That surely makes me think twice about eating out. Guess it's better that I cook and have our meals at home. I really hope chefs would also take time to WASH their hands before cooking.

SheR. said...

Of course I'm not saying that all chefs are like that. But I've seen a couple of cases.
Restaurant food are still better as the chefs have the skills to maximise the potential of each dish. :)

piebuko said...

haha.. you just scared me with this one!

SheR. said...

Hey I'm the rare breed and I found majority of British chefs to be very ethical and good too! :) Glad to work under good chefs!

Pinay Jade said...

Hmmm you got me thinking here...what about the "chefs" in the hawkers here?

SheR. said...

Hm.. actually those unethical cooks or chefs are everywhere. When no one is watching, they slack and can't be bothered.
For me, I uphold the most basic principles of "If I can't eat it, I can't serve it."
I hope I'm bringing this issue to everyone's attention.