How do you like your Shrimp?

I’m ready for some “Peel & Eat Shrimp”, with “Crab Legs”. I don’t know how you like them, but I like to get all messy, when eating them. Seems to make it taste better. I place about 1 dozen raw/frozen med. Shrimp in a pot, cover with water. Make a bouquet of 1 tsp. oregano, 1 tsp. basil, 2 tsps. Crushed red pepper, dash garlic powder & paprika, and place in the pot, bring shrimp to a boil, reduce heat so foam won’t boil over, and boil 3 min. more, drain & reserve liquid. Place crab legs in same pot with reserved liquid, bring to boil & boil about 3 mins., drain. I like my shrimp & crab legs hot, but some people prefer them chilled. I serve them with cocktail sauce and warm lemon butter. So, have I made you hungry yet. Oh and I like to have fresh made creamy coleslaw and corn on the cob, with that too.

Featured Guest Blogger: Nita Watson
A lady of 63, mother of five and the grandmother of seven. She loves to write about her ideas on life and the world.
These are her sites if you are interested to visit:
A Yard Full : Tips and ideas for gardening, with plants of various species. Organic vegetable growing, ideas that just seem crazy, but work.
She gave me lots of good tips on how to grow my herb garden (soon soon) and lime (will get down to doing it).

Down Home Kitchen: Cooking blog with the southern cook in mind.
She's writing some good home recipes!

Our Life & Our World: It basically has comments and articles, toward the issues we face in the world, what makes people do the things they do and the outcome.
Take a peek into her world.

Tacky Me: I gripe about things that people do and the way I feel about them.
Just Nita's thoughts about blogging.

Thanks for the guest post! Good luck in getting the blog PR up, Nita!

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