I love Sauerkraut and Kiseli Kupus!

The Kiseli Kupus!

My first encounter with this soured cabbage was in Germany. The Germans and all German-speaking countries have called it the Sauerkraut. I fell in love with it the first time I tried it. Simply cooked and served with pork or sausages. This soured cabbage never fail to satiate my tastebuds.
Croatians have their version of the Sauerkraut which they aptly call Kiseli Kupus (Sour Cabbage). They have various dishes using Kiseli Kupus, one of them being Sarma (pork, ham and rice wrapped in Kiseli Kupus and cooked till softened) which is a must-eat for Christmas/New Year season to treat hangovers.
Just what is Sauerkraut? It is a fermented cabbage using simply Salt. The Korean Kimchi is similar except it has added paprika.
What is so amazing about this easily prepared vegetable is the amount of vitamins packed in it which are released in the process of fermentation. This article has more information about Sauerkraut for those who are interested.
Kiseli Kupus and Pork Chops, anyone?

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Strangely my Kiseli Kupus has disappeared. Ah well..