Sweet or Salty, dear?

Do you die for a sweet treat? Or adores your savouries? Most Asians do not like too much sweet stuff. We like our occasional chocolate cakes or glazed doughnuts but not on a daily basis. Cantonese love to have their bowl of sweet desserts (more like sweet bowls of soup with ingredients like red bean cooked to puree) after their meals. But rarely do you see us gorging ourselves silly with cupcakes, candies and chocolates all at once.
On the other hand, my English mates (and Croatian acquaintances) love their daily desserts. They can't do without their sticky toffee pudding with extra toffee sauce. Or they would lick that last bit of nutella off their spoons. I was really startled to see how they could eat nutella or any jams by the spoonful!
My dear Singaporeans love their deep fried curry puffs. Hong Kong street stalls have no lack of fried fishballs. The variety of savouries in Asian countries can beat any patisseries hands down.
That makes me wonder.. is it a matter of personal diet? Or local climate? Or simply the difference in culture that rules our tastebuds for sweetness or saltiness? What's your side of the story? I would like to hear it.


uncommon said...

English food was really 'set' through the second world war: when erzatz and rubbish food was de regour.

For instance: UK Ice Cream is still made with pig fat rather than cream. You look on the outside of a packet, and it will say: 'made with non milk fat'. Even the expensive stuff.

English food is really, really bad, zero flavour and loads of pastries and pies. There's a lot of salt, and pastries and sweets are cheap to make. So I guess the sweets are to counteract the salt and to sweeten the mouth.


Mrs Mecomber said...

A very informative post! I love learning about other cultures. I will use StumbleUpon to stumble this post!

In America, people guzzle sodas like water, and eat a lot of processed foods. I am very different as I eat a lot of vegetables and chicken. I love salmon, but it is very expensive. I love coffee and water and red wine, but I hate soda and anything sugary. So I guess I am not typical.

SheR. said...

>>Hello Brendan! Oh my god! I didn't realise that about UK ice cream. Eww... Rest assured the ice cream we made in my restaurants (Conran) are 100% double cream! No cheating!
I know English food are not fantastic. But when I was that broke only 2 quid. Chicken and chips was heaven! (Ignore all the yucky bits) And I absolutely LOVE sticky toffee pudding and english CHIPS. Not fries. And crisps! Junk food! Ahoy!!!!

SheR. said...

>>Good day Mrs Mecomber.
I went to SF twice. And I have to confess I do love certain aspects of American fast food. Coca cola (free advertisement :P) and KFC! Hahaha...
Oh salmon is so expensive everywhere (except Norway maybe). But seriously I would still drink a full fat cola than one with sweeteners!
Thanks for stumbling!

piebuko said...


I am afraid I'm not one of those Asians you wrote about. I am sucker for sweets. I eat spoonful of jams!
I buy chocolate bars and devour them like there's no tomorrow. Oh, you must be disappointed with me. :)

SheR. said...

>>Piebuko I can totally understand why you love sweet more than salty. Thos delicious filipino pastries are to die for!!

Sangeeta Sinha said...

Sher, who said 'Most Asians do not like too much sweet stuff'. Indians love it and we Bengalis (from West Bengal, a state in east India)simply cannot do without it. Bengalis love sweets so much that even if it is not in the house, sugar will do. Bengali sweetmeats are famous all over the world. HAVE YOU HEARD OF 'RASOGOLLA and SWEET CURD. Tell me and I will give you the recipes of famous sweets. You will love them.

SheR. said...

>>> Sweet Sangeeta, thanks for letting me know that not ALL Asians don't like sweet stuff. :)
More recipes... sounds interesting :)

BK said...

Usually for me, I don't quite like sweet stuff. But the one in your photo ... it really made me drools. Is it true that gals like sweet stuffs more than guys?

SheR. said...

Hm... most girls do like sweet things more. Makes us happy! Ha :)
The cake in the picture is my mum's birthday cake.