Consumers say it all!

Consumers want better industry efforts in combating obesity. Many think that the food industry should do more to reformulate their products - cutting down the level of salt, fat and sugar. As people are more health conscious than before, there is a greater demand for healthier products.

Do you think the regulators of the food industry in your country is doing enough to curb the rising trend of obesity and health problems associated with it?

What can we as consumers do to force changes in the food industry?

We are already seeing changes in our typical junk food. For example, crisps are fried with sunflower oil. They are also less salty. That proves the shift in consumer attitude towards certain food trends can indeed cause changes to take place in the food industry.

I suggest that more information should be made available to consumers. Yes, nutrition labelling should be enforced on most products and not self voluntary. We have the right to know what goes into our food. Those mysterious E numbers and food additives. Do they cause any harm to your health in the long run? And they should not be "hidden" in small print like those Terms & Conditions for credit cards.

We can make a difference. Choose your food wisely. Lead a healthier lifestyle.

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piebuko said...

Yay, Sher!
Sadly, I'm still a sucker for McDonalds. I know, I know -- junk food is not healthy, but who can resist McDonald's cheeseburger?

SheR. said...

Hey. Like I said. It's all right in moderation! I always have the theory that our bodies crave junk once in a while. So they'll know what's good after that! :P
I love their fries. And I love fried chicken. No hope. Have to make my own! Haha:P